Welcome to LifeWithBethy!

A little about me, I’m a Jesus loving, minimalist wanna-be, who shares too much, and has a lot to say. I can’t spell for anything and I love life. My blog focuses on Lifestyle, fashion trends, cruelty-free beauty, and living life for what makes YOU happy! So, here is a reflection of who I am and what I care about. I hope you’ll like, subscribe, and comment.

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Thanks for joining the life!

FOR BUISNESS INQUIRES ONLY: lifewithbethy@gmail.com

If you’re a company, welcome! I hope you’ll contact me at the email above and we can work out something. I talk about health-conscious products that I would really use in my life. I’m always interested in sharing and doing product reviews.



15 thoughts on “About

    1. When you chose to come here it was a personal attack on me. It was my relationship to leave. Not anyone else’s. It’s been months of getting hateful messages. It’s about time it stopped.


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